Dial 1-800-HELP-ONE or 1-800-435-7663 for Level 1 Care
Air One
On August 1st, 2006 Pafford EMS began providing critical care helicopter service for North Louisiana and Southern Arkansas.

Based at the Ruston Regional Airport in Ruston, Louisiana Pafford AIR ONE responds to emergency scene calls with in a 80 mile region of Ruston and will also fly long distance and local inter-hospital transfers.

Our flight crew is highly trained and experienced in the care of the critical patient. Our flight crew consists of one flight paramedic and one flight nurse.
What we do
AIR ONE provides specialized early response to critical 911 calls in communities that are 30+ miles from the nearest ambulance and hospital. This allows these patients to get ALS and Critical Care much faster while increasing the ability for these patients to reach a hospital in the Golden Hour.
Community educational outreach programs.

Landing zone establishment courses available to local police, sherriff, and fire departments.

Participation in high school safety awareness events such as the 'Dangers of Drinking and Driving' drill that targets drinking on prom night.

Teddy Bear Clinic
Other special events such as the 'Teddy Bear Clinic' were children bring their sick teddy bears for treatment.