Dial 1-800-HELP-ONE or 1-800-435-7663 for Level 1 Care

ASAP, was created with one goal in mind, to preserve the 'Golden Hour'. We have proven that by responding to your emergency scene as early as the initial call the patient to E.R. time is greatly decreased. AIR ONE is committed to dispatching the closest helicopter.

We have found that we are often very close to the scene when we are made a 'GO', and are overhead much sooner than the receiving agency expects. We request that you continue to take the time to make careful Landing Zone preparations; we will circle until you are ready for us to land.

For some local areas this program has allowed patients to receive ALS care prior to the arrival of an ambulance. There are some rural communities that are 20+ minutes away from an ambulance station. In these cases after the request for AIR ONE ASAP we are able to land and, with the transport help from local PD or FD, are able to start treatment of the patient. When the ambulance arrives if air transport is needed the ambulance will transport the patient to the LZ. When air transport is determined as not needed the ground unit may transport. The number 1 priority is always saving lives.
On your request for AIR ONE ASAP
Program Results

AIR ONE ASAP has decreased response times, increased customer satisfaction, and most importantly more patients reaching definitive care within the "Golden Hour".

AIR ONE ASAP has also allowed AIR ONE to reach patients in extreme rural areas such as Saline, prior to the arrival of an ambulance.